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The Workout Hub is a locally owned and operated, 24-hour workout facility that is set-up by Heckers’ fitness personal training as a general membership fitness center. The facility is equipped with state of the art fitness equipment and includes weekly workouts for members at no additional charge. The Workout Hub includes all the staples you would expect in a fitness center but it also houses various functional machines and apparatuses to facilitate a more fun and functional workout.

Sign-up for and stay up to date with our group sessions and personal training options by downloading our App. However to purchase a membership or any monthly plan, you must go through your web browser.


If you know you want to sign-up you can do so online at your convenience. We even guarantee that if you sign-up online, we will provide a workable time for you to pick up your card within 24-hours (if you choose) or your next month is FREE.