Mitch grew up on a small farm in Jasper, Indiana and decided to move to Indianapolis after high school to pursue a career in Health and Fitness. At IUPUI, he was able to gain the knowledge and skills to become a personal trainer through not only his academic courses, but also his unique experiences including being on staff at a fitness center and developing and implementing workout programs for clients. During his college career he likewise discovered his passion for individuals with disabilities and is currently submitting his independent research project in which he designed three customized workout plans for three brothers with autism. Engaging with this incredible population has taught him a variety of things, including how to adapt exercises to fit all levels of ability as well as how to design specific training regimens for all types of people. As you can tell from his picture, he enjoys hiking in the mountains. Mitch is a very active, enthusiastic person that makes life and exercise fun!


BS Exercise Science, IUPUI